Sunday, July 27, 2014

paint: iron warriors: sturm

...did I say 7 vehicles left? Tell ya what, let's go ahead and drop it to 6. ;)

Sturm: Helbrute: add CCW, heavy flamer, power scourge

Sturm's companion Helbrute, Drang, hasn't had any work done since we saw him last. I think he'll be an intermittent project until I can knock out the rest of the vehicle base coats all at once. Because of the sheer surface area of stippling and salt masking 5 Rhino-sized vehicles with dozer blades, this will require a solid chunk of uninterrupted hobby time. I'm hoping to find such a chunk before August switches over to September.

paint: iron warriors: iron palatine gibeon with breaching squad aerugo

An update? That's unpossible...

Iron Palatine Gibeon leads Breaching Squad Aerugo

Iron Palatine Gibeon: Chaos Lord: Burning Brand of Skallathrax, Veteran of the Long War, Mark of Nurgle

Breaching Squad Aerugo: Plague Marines: bolter, plasma gun, flamer

Breaching Squad Aerugo: Plague Marines: bolter x3

It's been a VERY long time coming, but with these 7 models done, I've now completed all the infantry models from my original Iron Warriors list built... how many years ago? I know that none of the models have the IW logo on the right shoulder, and that the banner poles are bare, but they're finally to a point that I don't feel embarrassed fielding them for small games or Zone Mortalis. To go bigger, I'll need to finish the 7 vehicles I originally built for the list...