Monday, August 29, 2011

miscellaneous: paint stands drawing to a close

Spent most of this week's hobby time finishing up the Orky paint stand commissioned by a local gamer. While I'm happy to provide the service, I severely underestimated, and undervalued, my time. With 13-14 hours into it when all is said and done, we're looking at about $3.35/hr! Not even half minimum wage! I'm still up to popping these out for folks, but I'm pretty much out of the Ork-style paint stand business unless I either cast the front-plates (downside: each is no longer unique) or I jack the price way, WAY up.

Unlike last update, I shall provide pictures!


Completed this one a couple weeks ago, but forgot to take pics. It's a bit barren 'cause I didn't have enough of any particular iconographic bits to decorate it up for a distinct army. Thought about stenciling in some numbers between panels, but ran out of steam. The hazard stripes were less to provide visual interest (which they do), than to provide practice for a soon-to-be-blogged project relevant to my interests.


Did this one 'cause I needed to decorate up the dropper-bottle stand I pioneered in this post. Oddly enough, as I was finishing this one up a friend asked if I could do up a Death Korp of Krieg-themed paint stand for him. I showed him this one as proof of concept and he loved it. His will be a bit more involved (earth showing through the boards, lasguns and battle detritus, etc.) but probably won't be started for at least a couple weeks.

The lot of 'em!

Have a couple undecorated stands in there, but no desire to make 'em look pretty at present. Too inspired by real hobby projects at the moment. I'm sure I'll come back to 'em the next time my hobby batteries need a recharge.

Orky Commission: 90% painted

Just need to add a little freehand to the stand on the left, decorate the Rhino doors in Ultramarines and/or Space Wolves colors, and arrange delivery/payment. It'll have to be this week. Not because the client requested, but because the proceeds are going towards Space Marine on the Xbox 360 next week. Which is where I spent my hobby time Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I wasn't as enamored with the demo as some of my friends, but I liked it well enough to walk into Best Buy and pre-order it the next day - Emperor's Children and Iron Warrior skins were too good to pass up. You know what they say:

"Iron Within! Naughty Bits Without!"

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