Saturday, July 30, 2011

build: paint stands, now for dropper-bottles!

Had a request for a blueprint for Vallejo/dropper-bottle sized paints. I tried to use as little wood as possible while remaining sturdy enough to hold paints. I've managed to use just three pieces of wood to make a five-tiered shelf holding 40 paints for just $7. I've built in 1/8" wiggle room per level for decoration/facades. If you want to go simple-and-easy, you can just grab some 1/8" square plastic or wooden rod, cut it to size, and glue it to the front edge of each level and call it a day.

Paint Stands, Mk.Ib: multi-colored "blue"print
( click to download PDF )

Mk.Ib: front (with Mk.II for scale comparison)

Mk.Ib: back

Not entirely sure how I'm gonna decorate this one yet. Might go steampunk with it...

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