Sunday, September 4, 2011

build: work-in-progress: iron warriors, pt. 2

Did some work this weekend, a good chunk of which was fruitless. Got a set of these tracks off eBay thinking they'd look pretty cool on an IW Rhino. After a couple hours cleaning up the considerable flash and another couple hours trying to get 'em to fit, I scrapped the idea. I got 'em to fit, mostly, but not well enough to look manufactured. Add in that the track system of a Rhino is mostly covered, keeping visual impact of the new treads to a minimum, and it quickly ceases to be worth the 4-5 hours effort needed to fiddle the tracks into working order. Particularly when my expanded list looks to have at least 6 Rhino chassis. At this moment, I'm very glad to have had the foresight to purchase only one test set.

The Breaching Squad's Rhino is nowhere near complete, but it's on its way. Here's a teaser...

All I'll say is this: the front plate takes queues from the IW Rhino Doors kit and I have a rapidly growing knowledge-base concerning InstantMold...

I also pulled out some Blue-Tac and fit the squad together partially to test the fit, and partially to get some better shots of what the squad will look like. All of the following pics are clickable to a double-sized version.

Breaching Squad 01: aspiring champion

Breaching Squad 01: plasma team

Breaching Squad 01: fire team

Breaching Squad 01: mop-up

Mk.III Pauldron: (l) stock, (c) legion, (r) miscellaneous

I mentioned in the first post that I had to modify the Mk. III shoulder pads quite a bit, so I went ahead and got some pics of that too. With three horned-helm exceptions, two of which were necessary due to positioning, the "Legion" pad above goes on a Marine's right shoulder. Two figures have FW pads on both shoulders. I'm mixing and matching as I go, trying to steer clear of any 8-pointed stars. These guys aren't intended to be pre-Heresy, but I want them to be Iron Warriors first, Chaos Space Marines second.

As always, questions, comments, criticism both welcomed and encouraged.

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