Thursday, April 5, 2012

paint: iron warriors: polybolos beta

Got Polybolos Beta mostly finished late in March but didn't get around to posting until now. I also started in on the army's bases, but after a failure of a color palette they're all taking a long soak in Simple Green.

Painting this unit was more of a chore than either of the first two units. I don't think it was burn-out on the color scheme so much as having to paint such a laborious process on 5 more figures than previous. That extra 8-9 hours adds up quick when hobby time is running low and you've got other games/projects vying for your attention.

Polybolos Beta: CSM x11, plasma gun, las cannon (clickable)

Still need to fix the eyes (a failed experiment left them too dark) and address plasma and lascannon weapon glow, but I think those will be addressed at an army-wide level on completion. For now I need to keep the forward momentum going.

Polybolos Beta: squad shoulder-pad detail (clickable)

The plan is to give Polybolos Alpha the opposite half of the chevron on their left shoulder so I can tell 'em apart on the battlefield. Thematically, it effectively ties them together, as Ahnighito's Zigouilliers, (the CO and command squad to both Polybolos squads) have the complete chevron on their left shoulder.

Bases up next, likely followed up by a Rhino or two. I'd like to have at least one vehicle completed before I leave for Adepticon mid-month, but that may be wishful thinking.

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