Thursday, June 30, 2011

build: work-in-progress: island terrain

While waiting for the sea table to cure, I finally opened my Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter and got to work on some insulation foam I swiped from my little brother years ago. The plan is to make a series of island chains to act as terrain for the table. The initial batch is for learning purposes and I'll be happy if it simply looks pretty while blocking movement and line of sight.

The first set of islands, cut to size and glued to clear acrylic sheet:

"The Floating Forests" and Candiru Island

These are designed to be lush with three of the four having no real beach. I'll be pattering their flora and waterlines after these:

The second set of islands are practically the polar opposite, having their coloring and shapes inspired by the tall rock formation in this photo:

Here's what they look like so far:

"The Barren Mountains" & Sleeping Turtle Island

The plan is to start with a charcoal grey paint, stipple on some blacks, deep reds and/or browns, then drybrush with two-to-three increasingly lighter greys. I've no idea if it'll work, but I look forward to finding out.

Each island chain has a distractingly obvious center-piece island shaped like an aquatic animal. Oddly enough, neither island started as a conscious effort to make an animal. Instead, they were inspired by placing randomly cut foam shapes next to each other, then trimming to more clearly evoke the animal in my head. They're a fun piece of kit that I plan to continue with each new island chain I make.

Candiru Island

Sleeping Turtle Island

Each island's first goal is to blend well with their respective island chains. However, I hope to cross pollinate enough features between them that they'll tie to each other as well.

If all eight of these islands go well, I've already got plans for inhabited islands with the potential for in-game effects. I may have already begun work on one...

You sure that's cave?

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