Thursday, June 23, 2011

paint: fsa fleet (dystopian wars)

Since coming back from Adepticon 2011, I've taken a break from 40K by slowly and steadily working on my FSA forces for Dystopian Wars. I started with the FSA box set and carrier, though the carrier's since been pushed to the backburner. By the time I got to it, I was sick of painting ship hulls. I'll probably tag-team it with the Dreadnaught when I get one. Currently painting up the five bombers when I'm not working on terrain (see below), though I'm not as enthused about them as I was the Lee Scoutships (both in game and aesthetically). The airships are just so damn cool.

FSA Navy Fleet with Air Corp attachments

FSA Navy Battleship

FSA Navy Frigates

FSA Navy Cruisers

FSA Air Corp Fighters

FSA Air Corp Bombers

FSA Air Corp Lee Scoutships

I plan to go back and add free-hand embellishments to all of 'em in the form of FSA and/or squadron identifiers. I just have to figure out how I want to do it first. I've been inspired by several different techniques used on this forum and am having trouble picking which one(s) to use.

I've also begun work on terrain, the start of which you can see beneath the ships. I've got three 2' x 4' sheets of 1/4" MDF done up with the stippled-sponge technique made famous here. Have some test patches of glass-coat curing to see which application method I like the best. This time to tomorrow I expect to have that sorted out and hope to slather the boards in resin over the weekend.

I've also begun testing out a foam cutter and sketching up various islands and sandbars to break things up. My goal is to have a fully-playable Dystopian Wars game board in-house by end of summer. Then I can start back on either an Iron Warriors or Badab War force for Adepticon 2012's Combat Patrol.

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