Wednesday, February 8, 2012

paint: iron warriors: zigouilliers

Just moments ago I put the finishing touches on my first painted squad of Iron Warriors... (clickable for larger image, please forgive the mediocre iPhone quality)

Ahnighito's Zigouilliers: CSM Havocs

Sure, they're missing a banner (haven't decided on which to use yet), the Iron Warrior logo (my freehand-fu is still too weak), and their bases (vacillating on buying vs. building them).. and there's only a couple months 'till Adepticon... But little mans are done. At least these six are. And I'm pretty damn happy with the results!

Zigouillier Close-Ups: Melta, "Ghost", Hazard!

I've got pics of the whole process which I hope to put up by the weekend. It's only 26 steps from white primer to completion. As soon as it's warm and dry enough to prime again I should be able to knock out the other 43 guys in, what, 2-3 days?


  1. Beautiful and dirty paintjob, they look great!

    I also really lie the blade on the muzzle of the flamer. You can be happy with them as they look awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them completed.

  2. Thanks, Stempe. I'm not ashamed to say I've got pics of your Iron Warriors saved to my "inspiration" folder that I flip through when I feel like I've hit a wall.

    The blade on the flamer was brought on by the necessity of needing more special weapons and only having the loyalist variety at hand. Convert a knife into a bayonet and a add a few sewing pins as spikes and any loyalist weapon quickly turns traitor. Glad you like it.