Friday, March 7, 2014

build: iron warriors: sturm & drang

A couple days off in a row combined with a forgiving wife allowed me to finish assembling both "Helbrutes" last night. They're currently soaking in soapy water now with an eye towards getting their first layers of rust tomorrow.

Sturm: CCW, heavy flamer, power scourge

Sturm: plasma cannon, missile launcher

Sturm: multi-angle view

Sturm's thigh conversion ended up a fraction too long, but it's only grossly noticeable from certain angles. I'm pretty happy with how the foot turned out and how well the whole pose works with the close combat arms.

Drang's conversion work isn't nearly as dramatic, just some cosmetic changes and some toe repositioning to get him to fit on the base. I still like to think I gave him more life in his positioning than you typically see with Dreadnaught chassis.

Drang: CCW, heavy flamer, power scourge

Drang: multi-melta, missile launcher | lascannon, missile launcher

The plan is to use these guys as a test-bed for airbrush and salt-masking work before I get into the vehicle-heavy second half of the Hobby Progress Challenge. Still need to get a couple things from the store before I can tackle it in earnest, but I'm excited to give 'em both a go.

Also, thanks to the advice in this thread, I've started Angel Exterminatus in the hopes of finding inspiration for the 600 points I'm currently missing for the second half of the HPC. I've got my fingers crossed for some Legion allies I can proxy in through the CSM codex.

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