Wednesday, March 19, 2014

miscellaneous: adepticon 2014: and so it continues...

...but with revised plans.

Back in January I posted grandiose plans to finish a Dreadball team, Dreadnought, and Crystal Brush squad for Adepticon. Since then, I've plugged away on my Iron Warriors for the Independent Characters' Hobby Progress Challenge, but have been less than pleased with my work on the Adeptiplans. After a failed start, Simple Green bath, and another failed attempt, I'm calling it on my Crystal Brush plans. There aren't enough hours between now and then to finish them and the models that are game necessary.

Of the models that are game necessary, the Dreadnaughts are currently on the back-burner after a Simple Green bath. They got stripped not because I was unhappy with their progress, but because the paint started stripped off when I started stippling on rust. I let them soak in Simple Green a couple days, washed them a couple times, and just this morning got a nice primer coat on them. Fingers crossed they take the paint well this time.

The Halfshell Heroes (which will likely undergo a name change when I deign their logo) are priority number 1 at the moment. I was finally able to get my sculpting mojo going again and knocked out the last of the "turtles" this weekend. Still have some work to do on "Slash" - the big guy in the back - but these guys also got primed this morning and will be getting paint ASAP.

Halfshell Heroes: Jacks (clickable)

Halfshell Heroes: Guards (clickable)

I plan on using the airbrush to pre-shading the team, then use glazing to provide the majority of the color. It worked okay on the Barsoom diorama and I hope I can make it work again here.

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