Sunday, March 30, 2014

paint: work-in-progress: iron warriors: strum & drang, pt 2

Crisis encountered, crisis averted.

Started this morning by putting a quick splash of VMA Black Metal over the salt to get my base metal/shadows taken care of. My second layer however, VMA Gun Grey, must be from a bad batch. There's WAY to much pigment in the bottle and it clumps no matter how I thin it. The color clogged my airbrush so quick this morning that after three cleanings, I still didn't have a drop of Gun Grey on my model.

Went out for my morning run thinking I'd either have to make a trip to the hobby shop today or wait until after Adepticon to complete the next step. Funny thing about running, it sometimes clears the head enough to rethink a problem. Somewhere around mile two, I got the bright idea to try mixing my shadow and highlight to create a mid-tone close enough to work. After some experimentation, I ended up using a 4:1 ratio of VMA Black Metal to VMA Steel for the mid-tone, and sprayed from an angle 45 degrees above the model. Seemed to work well, so I smacked all the bits with straight VMA steel from directly above.

The overall effect is lighter than I usually go for, but once I've washed it a few times and/or oiled it up, I think that'll calm down. I'm a little worried there might be too many layers to easily pull off the salt. Need to make sure all the layers I dry, so I'm going to wait 'till everyone's asleep before I pull out the warm water and Q-tips and see if the experiment worked.

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