Friday, March 28, 2014

paint: dreadball: turtons

With Adepticon a week away, I can start to feel my commitments looming over me. Lucky for me, I've got a few days off before we pack up the car. Spent some time before the kids woke up and while they napped getting a few more layers of color on the Turtons.

Turtons: (clockwise from top left) Donnies, Raphs, Mikeys, Leos.

I tried to do the "pre-shading with glaze" technique thing, but my technique needs some work. They're not "bad" per se, they're just not matching my minds eye. In fact, they're not significantly different than my usual gaming standard. They'll be a decent table-top standard when done, and I think I've learned a little about the technique in the process.

In fact, I think I've already been able to put some of the lessons to good use...

Turtons: Coach Splinter

Yes, it's a crappy cell-phone pic, but I assure you that his shading is coming more from paint than the room's lighting. I'm kinda jazzed with my glazing efforts here, and hope I can finish the rest of the figure to the same standard I've started with his robes. Of the models I'm bringing to Adepticon, he's the one I'm most enthused about showing to my cpainter friend contingent.

Still left on the to-do list...

  • Turtons: shells, masks, claws, and shoulder/glove "glow"
  • Splinter: fur, wrappings, belt, hands/feet
  • The Aprils: everything, this is a "nice to finish" not a "need to finish"

And last, but certainly not least, I need to finalize my team name and logo. I've lost count of all the names I've gone through, but fitting "Halfshell Heroes" into the cartoon's logo isn't as evocative as I'd thought, nor are any of the words I've tried to shoe-horn into the "turtles" slot. At this point I've decided I'll combine the original word and the Dreadball race I pilfered into the word "Turtons". The team name as of last week, "Vintage Cartoon Ninja Turtons," is a bit too blatant, and feels like someone from our world shoe-horning a theme instead of a corporately sponsored team playing Dreadball. With that in mind, I've been playing with the idea of a corporate identity in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja" header. The most recent contenders for team name are...

  • Shellshock Pizza's Ninja Turtons
  • Retro-Future Pizza Turtons
  • Eastman's Inner Peace-za Turtons
  • Splintered Strikezone Pizza Turtons

I need to pick one soon so I can finish the typography and get to work on a backing logo. Feedback, criticism and suggestions more than welcome.

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