Saturday, March 29, 2014

paint: work-in-progress: iron warriors: sturm & drang

With the Turtons nearing completion and still two days to go before the big drive to Adepticon, I decided to see if I could get the first few layers of paint on Sturm & Drang, in the hopes of finishing one for a Dreadnought Arena event at Friday's 4th Annual BootaTown.

First up I put the rust layers down. The airbrush got the first layer of Vallejo Model Air's "Hull Red" down quick, but stippling the usual combo of Citadel's "Vermin Brown" and "Macharius Solar Orange" took far longer than it did on infantry. I'll likely switch to sponging the rust on when I get to the Rhinos and Vindicators.

With the rust down, I spent some time searching the internet for "salt mask weathering" and found several articles aimed at scale modelers. Once I found Roman's article on the subject I headed to the store to find some Aquanet and coarse sea salt. With some fear in my heart and a "Well, you can always strip 'em again" shrug on my shoulders, I proceeded to spray and sprinkle all the parts.

I won't lie, the salt looks a bit heavy-handed from here. However, I figure it'll be fairly easy to cover up excess rust, but a royal pain-in-the-but to add rust over metal later. The plan is to let the parts dry overnight and start applying metals in the morning. I may tape my fingers crossed before going to bed...

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