Thursday, July 21, 2011

build: paint stands, complete with blueprints

Finished decorating my Citadel/P3-sized paint stands yesterday while the kids napped. I went for two different looks, partially to show off what can be done cheaply/easily to make 'em look unique, and partially because I got tired of fitting and weathering plasticard. The armor plates and fencing, besides being decorative, work to keep the paints in position those days I need to move the stands from my shelf to the painting desk.

Paint Stands, Mk II: front

Paint Stands, Mk II: back

If anyone wants to have a go themselves, the blueprint PDF was finished this morning. Should print nicely on one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, and I've color coded the pieces to be as self-explanatory as possible on that single sheet.

(right-click to download)

Not that I didn't take a few "in-progress" photos. Unfortunately, they're less of a how-to assemble and more of a treatise on using what you have available to hold your project together as the glue dries...

The blueprint has a built-in allowance for decoration the width of your standard popsicle stick - about 1/16 of an inch. You could just as easily forego the decoration and stick some 1/16 wooden or plastic rod on the front edge of each level to hold your paint in place. That's what did along the back edge of the top level.

The armour plated stand is primed black and the plan is to slap some paint on it while the kids nap today. I'll take some pics of the paint-in-progress as I plan to use my standard method for painting run-down Ork vehicles. As for the smaller "fence" rack, I'm gonna have a look 'round to see if I have any wood stain lying about. If not, I wonder if I can Tom Sawyer the twins into whitewashing it for me...

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