Monday, July 4, 2011

paint: work-in-progress: rock islands

Put some basic color down on the "The Barren Mountains" and Sleeping Turtle Island. Where I can get away with it, the terrain will try to deplete my stock of old, cheap Latex paint I got 5-6 years ago from Hobby Lobby for a poorly executed Flames of War terrain project. I also refuse to spend as much time on painting the terrain as I did the models, as I like what little grasp on sanity I have left...

Step 1: Graphite: even covering over the entire island

Step 2: Raw Umber: liberally stippled across the island

Step 3: Lamp Black: stippled less liberally over the raw umber

Step 4: Graphite: drybrushed to hit the ridges

Step 5: Neutral Grey: drybrushed over the graphite

Not entirely happy with how they turned out. Seeing the pics, I probably should've stopped after the Graphite dry brush or had a much lighter hand with the Neutral Grey. I'm going to experiment with some severely watered down Lamp Black as a wash to see if I can bring it closer to the dark, volcanic rock I was going for.

Also not happy about the visible seam where I glued the foam boards together. It's too late for these guys, but I'll try to find a way to fix that in future pieces. I'm guessing a fine-grit and/or wet sanding might do the trick.

"The Barren Mountains" and Sleeping Turtle Island: painted, but poorly

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