Saturday, July 9, 2011

paint: work in progress: rock islands, part 2

At the end of my last post about my rock islands I was less than thrilled with how light my "volcanic" rock had turned out. A couple washes of extremely watered down Lamp Black did a nice job of toning them down without losing the highlights.

Step 7: Lamp Black: thinned down to lightly tinted water, washed over the whole model

"The Barren Mountains" and Sleeping Turtle Island: looking more volcanic

The Lamp Black wash pretty much killed the brown stippling I put on the island. If I had it to do over, I'd either skip that step, or use a lighter brown with more strategic placement. I think that would more closely mimic the variation seen in the inspiration...

Inspiration: rock islands

I still need to clean up the edges of the islands where paint got on the acrylic. Then I'll try adding the impression of waves and shallow water around the islands. Not sure if that'll be topside or underneath the acrylic at this point, I'll have to test it out. So far, I don't think they look too bad in situ, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I didn't take pics of the beach or forestation steps while finishing up Sleeping Turtle Island. I was too busy winging it. I'll be sure to record the process this week/weekend as I work on the next island chain...

"The Floating Forests" and Candiru Island

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