Sunday, July 17, 2011

build: work-in-progress: paint stands

As I prepare the remaining aspects of my "Summer of Spartan" - finish the sea table, make more islands, paint my remaining FSA - I find myself running out of space in my hobby room. I've rearranged things to create more room, but still find myself sitting on the floor instead of at my desk. As part of the reorganization process, I've come to the realization that I need more paint stands. The ones I made years ago when I used Vallejo exclusively are no longer cutting it for my growing collection of Citadel and P3 paints.

Paint Stands, Mk I: fit Vallejo paints like a glove

As you can see, they work great for dropper-bottle paints. However, the bigger form factor of the Citadel and P3 ranges gets problematic with my initial design. I'll do a how-to with "blueprints" later this week as time permits, but here's a glimpse at the current state of the project.

Paint Stands, Mk II: built for burlier paints

When all is said and done, they'll hold 36 paints and be a screaming ode to my inner MekBoy. (Despite the flood of Dystopian Wars material since this blogs inception, my first love of wargaming is, and likely always will be, the Orks of Warhammer 40K.) Not bad for about $10 worth of wood and some scrap plasticard.

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